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About Us

Gedik Holding is a Turkish company headquartered in Istanbul which successfully continues its activities since 1963, with more than 1500 employees working for Gedik Welding, Gedik Advanced Casting Technologies, Gedik Termo Valve, Gedik Health Services Companies, Istanbul Gedik University, Gedik Test Center, Gedik Art, and Radio Gedik. Gedik Welding, which has been operating since 1963; exports to more than 100 countries with its GeKa and GeKaTec branded welding consumables, GeKaMac branded welding machines, and robotic automation applications under the ROBOWELD brand, and offers products and services to many sectors with its internationally registered brands. Gedik Advanced Casting Technologies established in 1967; With its sand casting and investment casting facilities, produces all kinds of castings (such as gray, nodular iron, steel, stainless steel, duplex, and copper alloys) that the industry needs, especially in the defense and automotive industry. Gedik Termo Valve, which has been operating since 1967; With Termo branded valves, continues to conduct R&D studies in line with the changing and developing needs of the industry over the years and to expand its market by introducing new products to the market.

Gedik Holding industrial companies, make significant contributions to science and technology by realizing its university-industry cooperation with the projects it carries out with Istanbul Gedik University.

Gedik Education Foundation (GEF) established in 1994 under Gedik Holding was chosen as Turkey responsible for the International Institute of Welding (IIW - International Institute of Welding) in 2008 and for the European Welding Federation (EWF, European Welding Federation) in 2009 and carries out activities for national purposes and integrity. In this context, the below trainings have been organized at GEF since 2009:

  • International / European Welding Engineering (IWE / EWE)
  • International / European Welding Technician (IWT / EWT)
  • International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWI / B)

GEDIK TEST CENTER (GTC); was established in 2009 within the Gedik Education Foundation Economic Departmentnet in the field of training, certification, and industrial services.

Gedik Test Center, which operates in the field of training, certification, and industrial services with its expert technical staff and instructors, reveals the quality of education with its modern laboratories, training classes, superior devices, and equipment.

Gedik Holding, which values people and life, has become a group that grows with the importance it attaches to innovation and investment and can keep up with every economic conditions and changes.