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Energy Sector

Energy drives economies and sustains societies. Energy growth is directly linked to well-being and prosperity across the globe. Meeting the growing demand for energy in a safe and environmentally responsible manner is a key challenge. Energy powers computers, transportation, communications, cutting edge medical equipment and much more.

Our solution packages addresses the challanges as we also offer training, testing and certification, with our welding products with high mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance, equipment and valves that ensure the flawless operation of systems, which are required in all constructions of renewable energy projects, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear power plants, oil-gas industries projects.

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We have historical expertise in this sector and Turkish marine sector is one of the top five in the world for megayacht production. Our welding and valve solutions in the shipyard sector meet all expectations regarding high production speeds and low production costs, and training.

Furthermore, welder certification, destructive and non-destructive testing services we offer contribute to having well- qualified employees meeting the high quality manufacturing requirements needed in the sector.

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Construction Sector

We continue to meet all the requirements of human life safety and building safety as a reliable partner with our welding solutions that provide efficient and crack-resistant welding seams and valves that ensure the flawless operation of systems. We become a solution partner in large projects such as buildings, bridges, airports and stadiums on a global scale.

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Repair and Maintenance

The abrasions that occur in the equipment, which are unavoidable during the operation, can cause high costs as a result of the renewal of the equipment, the downtime of the production lines if timely measures are not taken. You can easily overcome these risks with the repair-maintenance products we have developed specifically for wear types.

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Automotive & Transportation Sector

We offer effective solutions to the automotive, railway and trailer industries with the welding consumables and equipment required for the sensitive and safe welded connections against the dynamic stresses during the work, which the industry needs in the production processes.

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Education Sector

Education for Gedik brand is a paramount activity to raise not only exceptional engineers but also to create equality in education. Our Gedik University is an excellent establishment not only for students in Turkey but also from other countries.

The education prepares students with knowledge, technology applications as well as business administration. Our engineers in welding are always updated on technology and creates innovative thinking to help our customers in solving their problems.

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