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Career At Gedik

To have employees who will continuously improve themselves and the organization they are in, who are creative, who have a leadership spirit, who direct change, who are skilled, who have 21st century competencies, are aware of their responsibilities and will make a difference in the competitive environment; We create a working and learning organization culture that will ensure their continuous motivation.

Would you like to be a part of this culture?


With the “İş’ te Gedik” internship program, students of Istanbul Gedik University are provided with internship and part-time work opportunities within the framework of university-industry cooperation. Due to the limited quotas, Halil Kaya Gedik Vocational High School students and Gedik employees can benefit from these opportunities.

New Graduates and Professionals

New graduates and professionals who want to be a part of the Gedik culture can apply for our current vacancies or fill out their CVs to be evaluated by making a general application.

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