GeKa Seamless Flux Cored Wires

GeKa Seamless Flux Cored Wires

What is Seamless Flux Cored Wire?

Flux Cored Wires can be produced in two different ways as seamed and seamless. Seamed cored wires are produced by first rolling/forming the steel strip into a "U" shape in the forming machine as in the production of welded pipes and then putting the powder-mix “core” into it and then closing it into a pipe form and drawing it.  On the other hand, seamless cored wires are produced by filling the core into a previously formed steel pipe and drawing it to the desired end-product diameter.  With the advancement of technology, a faster and more efficient seamless cored wire production process has been developed. In this method, the core is filled into the U-shaped strip as in the production of seamed cored wires, then the strip is rolled into a circular form and the edges are welded seamlessly with a laser beam.  Since there is no gap in the seamless cored wires, contrary to the seamed cored wires, the risk of moisture absorption of the core is automatically eliminated.

                             TYPES OF FLUXCORED WELDING WIRE

What are the advantages of Seamless Cored Wire?

In Seamless Cored Wires, the risk of hydrogen-induced cracks is minimized as the seamless design prevents re-absorption of moisture.  Since seamless cored wires have very low moisture contents in the core and it is virtually impossible to pick up moisture under normal storage and operation conditions, the need for special vacuum packaging is eliminated.

Another advantage of Seamless Cored Wires is the possibility of copper coating. Copper coating protects the wire surface against corrosion, prevents friction in the passage through the liner and contact tip during welding and greatly enhances wire feedability.  Finally, thanks to the copper coating, the electrical resistance between the wire and the contact tip is considerably low, resulting in a much more stable arc, cooler contact tip and nozzle, thus in turn, reducing nozzle wear and cooling requirements.

Since the production of Laser Welded Seamless Flux Cored Wire requires a distinct technology, knowledge, know-how and experience, the number of companies in the world that can offer products with premium quality still is very limited.  Gedik Welding is proud to be the only leading and pioneering company in this field in Turkey and has taken its prestigious position in global competition to a higher level.