Message from Our Leader - Gedik

Message from Our Leader

2023 is our 60th Anniversary!

2023 is also the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic!

For the first time in the history of the world, we are facing all five generations in the workplace. This new environment is not only amazing to deal with, but it is also very powerful for adapting ourselves to innovative thinking for sustainability in an ever-changing environment. We believe multigenerational workforces are critical to our organizations' growth and long-term success.

For our three-year Strategic Roadmap, we are ready to face the future with pride knowing that our 60 years built on a foundation of a great visionary, Halil Kaya Gedik who passed the compassion of continuing education to us. Gedik University is an establishment with a vision to assure the students can reach their hopes and wishes in their choice of career with confidence.

Gedik Foundation is an exemplary division of Gedik that has helped over the years more than 250,000 students to make sure nobody is left behind. We believe education is the strong force for a great future. Whether it is Gedik University, Gedik Foundation or professional education for Welders, we touch human life by providing the opportunity to be the best and to do the best in their jobs.

This connectedness of our divisions helps us to go forward to become a truly global brand in full confidence to manifest our vision of making a difference in the world of manufacturing as well as in education. Our respect for human life is our foundation for developing technologies and perfecting education so safety can have no risks.

The world is waiting for us as we perfectly align our divisions one valve and welding at a time in a continuous educational environment!

“Engineering” is our strength.
Our foundation is our inspiration,
Our 60-Year Anniversary is our pride!
Have a Great Year full of success!